Wednesday, December 14, 2005

NPR Bias?

Jeffrey Dvorkin, NPR Ombudsman, says the network has interviewed more think-tankers on the Right (239) than on the Left (141) in 2005.
There may be other experts who are interviewed on NPR who present a liberal perspective. But they tend not be based in universities and colleges and are not part of the think tank culture. That seems to be where most conservative thinking on the issues of the day can be most easily found. Journalism in general -- including NPR -- has become overly reliant on the easily obtained offerings of the think tanks.
NPR's 2005 think tank score sheet:
Brookings Institute - 102
Hoover Institute - 69
American Heritage - 59
Manhattan Institute - 53
Center for Strategic and Intl. Studies - 39
Cato Institute - 29
Heritage Foundation - 20
Lexington Institute - 9

via Romenesko

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