Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"You gotta keep 'em separated"

Two items from the Revealer remind us that a wall between church and state is best for both state and church:
Dorothy Day -- Terrorist
Turns out progressive Catholicism is alive and well. Evidence of liberal theology's efficacy comes from *** the FBI, which as part of its duties in the WOT, reports The NYT, has been monitoring the Catholic Worker movement made famous by Dorothy Day. Not that the Catholic Workers are "radical Islamists" or even vegans (another group under FBI surveillance); rather, according to the Feds, they embrace a "semi-communistic" ideology.


That's so cool and J. Edgar old-school. The only thing more dangerous is a semi-communisticalifragalistic ideology. Fortunately, Mary Poppins has already been renditioned to Guantanamo.
More Deaths
The Washington Post reports on a possible Republican-sponsored bill, which passed the House on Friday, which would criminalize giving assistance to illegal immigrants.

If the bill becomes law, it would affect a number of non-profit and religious organizations such as Humane Borders, No More Deaths and the Church World Service Immigration and Refugee Program, which help the thousands of immigrants who cross the border each year not add to the number -- already in the hundreds -- of those who die en route.

Among the "outrageous acts" that the bill would make illegal, would be the sheltering ("harboring") of migrant workers in churches or homes, and possibly even helping dying or severely ill immigrants receive medical attention.

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