Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ford Bows Down to Homophobes

If you're like me, you think that Ford's pandering to homophobic bigots is stupid and shameful. And perhaps, like me, have wondered if a manufacurer who names their automobiles the Freestyle, the Mustang, the Ranger and the Explorer might need to deal with some sexual identity issues of its own.

I mean, come on -- their police car is the Crown Victoria!

Anyway, despite your annoyance with Ford, you may not have actually done anything about it. After all, you're not gay...

Well, Dan Savage, who's "Savage Love" column is available in your Chicago Reader, reminds us that the goofs behind Ford's decision are not just anti-homosexuality, they are anti-sexuality:
So what can you do? Gay or straight, you should at least pick up the phone and let local Ford dealers know that you won't even consider buying a Ford after this. Why should straight people care? Because the same AFA fucks that have successfully intimidated Ford on the gay issue are also attacking straight rights — they’re the same assholes who have successfully intimidated retailers like Target into denying women access to morning-after pills. They’re the same assholes trying to convince the Feds not to release a vaccine for two strains of HPV , the virus that can cause cervical cancer in women. The HPV vaccine — already tested and 100% effective! — could save thousands of women’s lives every year. The AFA is fighting it.

Here’s a list of Ford dealers (use the link to find your local dealer). Call them, tell them you’re pissed — and remind them that the AFA’s boycott of Disney didn’t go anywhere. Tell them that when the AFA threatened Kraft, Kraft told the AFA to go fuck themselves. But Ford? The “Built Ford Tough” boys collapsed into a puddle when the AFA assholes threatened them with a boycott. So let Ford know what you don’t buy cars from companies that caves to right-wing hate mongers. And when the local dealers tell you that they didn’t make this decision, tell them that’s too bad. Tell them to scream and yell to Ford HQ and get this decision reversed, or you will never, ever consider buying a Ford.

And corporations can reverse themselves. Microsoft caved to right-wing Christian bullies, and then reversed itself. Tell ‘em Ford can too. Tell ‘em Ford better.
A list of DuPage County Ford dealers is available here.
A list of Chicago Ford stores is available here.
And the full Illinois list is here.


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