Wednesday, August 09, 2006

9.9 Million Reasons To Support a Living Wage

Your Chi-Town Daily News reports that documents released Tuesday by the Living Wage Coalition showed Target Corp. has received $9.9 million of taxpayer money to open stores in Chicago:
Target has received $5.3 million in city funds to subsidize a store in McKinley Park and $4.6 million to subsidize a store on West Peterson Avenue, according to the Neighborhood Capital Budget Group. ***

Supporters of the ordinance claim big-box retailers are some of the nation's wealthiest corporations, can afford the wage hike and will be drawn to Chicago's huge market potential despite it.

The report is, in part, a response to Target Corp.'s claim that the minimum-wage ordinance makes the opening of new stores in Chicago cost-prohibitive.

And that's just two Target stores. There is not yet word on how many tax-payer dollars the 40+ other Chicago big boxes have collected.


Randi said...

Target, et al, won't have any problem paying their employees $10/hr. They simply will recruit people who merit that pay level, which I'd guess means one has about 5 years of relevant work experience.

Unskilled workers will have to seek the $7/hr jobs these people left.

The labor unions and Aldermen will proclaim victory and the retail executives will be laughing behind their backs.

And the companies selling retail automation equipment will be jumping for glee since the Big Box ordinance just inspires more rapid automation of low level tasks.

Windypundit said...

Or, we could stop giving money to multi-billion-dollar corporations and stop telling them how much they have to pay people. That might work too.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...


Why wouldn't it be a success if people who were paid $7 per hour but merited $10 per hour were paid the additional $3 per hour that they merit?

Why should I care if retail executives snicker as long as they are paying a wage that permits their workers to raise a family?


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