Sunday, August 06, 2006

Revealed: RNC Vision of Female 6th District Voters

Sometimes a political ad inadvertently reveals more than was intended.

For example, this mailing from the National Republican Congressional Committee indicates that they either believe that the ladies of the 6th District are crazed, screaming harpies or that they don't mind being portrayed as such.

I would understand if this photo of a shreaking fury was mailed exclusively to the Illinois Family Institute crowd -- they do strike me as a shrill, bun-haired bunch -- but this mailer was addressed to 'The Bride of So-Called "Austin Mayor"'.

Something tells me that this bizare mailing from the NRCC is not going to make up for Creepy Pete's crumbing field organization.


Randi said...

Forget the picture. "The bride of" address is a wonderful ;)

NW burbs said...

What a bunch of cheap maroons. What is McLaughlin thinking (do you pronounce it with a "laugh").

They used a royalty-free picture which means Tammy or any other progressive-leaning group is more than welcome to plunk down their own 189 bucks and use THE SAME IMAGE to knuckle Petey Roskum on the crown.


Mr. and Mrs. S-CAM ought to sponsor a caption contest. Maybe you can get DCCC or DFA to fund a mailing using the best one.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else like the FAKE headline?

Pat Hickey said...

I like that FIIIIIIIIIIIIIne looking bun-haired Dupage Trim. Never see that woman in Keegan's Pub on South Western Ave..


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