Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Then As Farce"

A wise man once said that a political ad can sometimes inadvertently reveals more than was intended. Today's installment from the National Republican Congressional Committee reveals one thing clearly: The GOP is out of ideas.

For years the Republican party has developed and perfected campaigns based on the toxic combination of Fear and Tax-Cuts. But now, as evidenced by this bizarre mailer from the NRCC, the GOP's once-trusted union of Fear and Tax-Cuts now produces freakish, mutant offspring.

Year after year, the Republicans returned to the same political gene-pool: Fear and Tax-Cuts, Fear and Tax-Cuts. And by doing so, the GOP has produced a inbred child of a campaign -- one that is ugly, dull and witless.


Windypundit said...

Heh. Not to mention that the Republican-controlled government has engaged in massive amounts of deficit spending. The resulting debt is truly the "ghost of taxes future."

Pat Hickey said...

Mr. Mayor,

It should be a slam-dunk for Democrats in November and beyond, but the very geniuses who pooched Democrats nationally are still squeezin' the tiller.

We should be fighting a can of tomatoes, but with Deano and the lads around him we will hit the canvas like Tyson against Douglas. I hope not.

Scott said...

Speaking of inbred children, I'll bet you that ghost's family tree has taken some inward turns. How else could he have such a melon of a forehead?


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