Friday, August 18, 2006

We're Living in the Future

You cannot bring a simple bottle of water onto a commercial airliner, even when all parties -- including the security screener -- agree that it is just a bottle of water.

You can, however, board with a Dell laptop -- the battery of which has been known to explode and burst into flame.

Man, the future is weird.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick question about the water bottles that everyone complains about. What should airport security do? Stop liquids until they can figure out a procedure, or just go on as if nothing has happened. As a frequent flyer, I'm more that happy with the increased vigilance.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

As long as the TSA, etc. continue behaving as if passengers' liquids are not a threat, and continues implimenting "farcical Keystone Cops security measures that don't add anything except to block up airports," I will continue to doubt that banning water bottles is making anyone any safer.


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