Thursday, August 24, 2006

NRCC: Taking The Low Road, or "Xenophobia v. The Warrior Princess"

By now you've got the idea -- Sometimes a political ad can inadvertently reveal more than was intended.

And what does today's NRCC mailer to the 6th District reveal?

It reveals that the Republican party has abandoned any pretense of reaching out to anyone who... well... isn't white.

So the NRCC is scared of immigrants -- or at least wants you to be -- but why?

Clearly it is because immigrants cause the corruption of our culture and language. Just look at this sentence from the mailer:

Surely the NRCC didn't mean to champion the citizenship of "people who play by the rules after breaking the law for years" -- but just writing about immigrants has wiped out their mastery of the English language.

And what about the far west suburban Las Vegas Review Journal's characterization of Maj. Duckworth's "pathway to citizenship" position as "a different term" for amnesty?

Well, her postition is strikingly like the immigration policy proposed by that other notorious liberal -- George W. Bush.

You can't blame the NRCC for trying, though. The Roskam campaign's focus on tax cuts is hard to take seriously when Pork-Barrel Pete has pledged his loyalty to tax-payer funded GOP "earmarks."

But I'm not sure that slinging every Republican turd against the wall to see what sticks is gonna get the job done.

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Old Quack said...

When are the papers going to start covering these ads as LIES??

From the Duckworth website:

While we strengthen our borders, we also need to pursue realistic and effective policies to deal with those who are in our country illegally. Much as some would like, we cannot wave a magic wand and deport the 11-to-12 million illegal workers currently in this country. We need a more realistic and orderly approach. I oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants. The immigration reform proposal that I support does not provide amnesty. Its lead sponsor, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), has been adamant on that point. Instead, it requires fines, criminal background checks, and that all back taxes must be paid. Immigrants would be compelled to learn English and take courses in American culture and civics. If -- and only if -- an immigrant meets all of those requirements while continuing to be gainfully employed, he or she would be allowed to pursue legal status. Even then, these applicants would have to go to the back of the immigration line.


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