Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The Chicago Sky is your new WNBA team.

The name, logo, and colors were released at an event at the Adler Planetarium:
"We wanted the name to have meaning and capture our dreams," CEO and President Margaret Stender told the crowd... We set three important criteria for the name. The name and the logo must be distinctly Chicago, it must be aspirational and encouraging and it must be high energy representing the style and substance that we plan to live by on and off the court.

"And then it dawned on us, there it was, everything Chicago stands for. How it towered, how it inspired, its character, how it stood to face the world. Architects say the Adler Planetarium is the best place in the city to view the spectacular skyline of this city. It is the place to see Chicago reach to the Sky."
While "Sky" is a fine name, it doesn't seem "distinctly Chicago." And it doesn't seem particularly "aspirational" or "high energy" either.

But I imagine that calling Chicago's WNBA team the Beef-Futures Traders would lead to some nasty cat-calls.

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