Thursday, September 29, 2005


The DuPage County government is sending surplus equipment to Gulf Coast counties and municipal governments that that were wiped out during Hurricane Katrina.

From your Chicago Tribune:
So far 1,500 telephones, 200 cell phones, 25 personal computers, a fire engine and an untold number of desks, filing cabinets and workstation divider walls have been earmarked, said County Board member James D. Healy of Naperville. ***

"A used pickup truck sold at auction here would bring $1,000, but giving to [a county government in Mississippi or Louisiana] would save them the $30,000 cost of buying a new one," Healy said.

Healy said an administrator in Hancock County, Miss., which borders Louisiana, told him staff there have established temporary offices in public buildings but lack essential gear to run the government.
I'm glad that DuPage is helping out.

But can someone explain why the taxpayers of DuPage County had to pay for unnecessary telephones, cell phones, personal computers, desks, filing cabinets and fire engines in the first place?

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