Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Think Progress watched the John Roberts' performance at his confirmation hearing and gleaned 25 Ways To Not Answer The Question:

1. "I feel the need to stay away from a discussion of specific cases."”

2. "“So while I'’m happy to talk about stare decisis and the importance of precedent, I don'’t think I should get into the application of those principles in a particular area."”

3. "“I do feel compelled to point out that I should not agree or disagree with particular decisions. And I'’m reluctant to do that. That'’s one of the areas where I think prior nominees have drawn the line when it comes to, Do you agree with this case or do you agree with that case? And that'’s something that I'’m going to have to draw the line in the sand."”

4. "“Well, I think that gets to the application of the principles in a particular case. And based on my review of the prior transcripts of every nominee sitting on the court today, that'’s where they'’ve generally declined to answer: when it gets to the application of legal principles to particular cases."”

5. "“Well, again, I think I should stay away from discussions of particular issues that are likely to come before the court again."”

20 more...

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