Thursday, September 08, 2005


Will someone ask Peter Roskam if he agrees with this comment from his former boss, Tom DeLay:
It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, but you should have been in that control room where those people were making life and death decisions, people that stayed up and got no sleep and very little food for five to six days straight trying to make the right decisions to save people. What happens when we come up here? They point the finger. You didn't make the right decision here. You didn't take care of my aides there. You didn't do this. You didn't do that. The point is if you look at the big picture, it's a phenomenal accomplishment by everybody involved. It's unbelievable. I am constantly struck by where we are today just a little over a week from the worst catastrophe that this country has seen.
Yes, it is unbelievable where we are 10 days after the worst catastrophe this country has ever seen -- and just eight days after the president finally ended the longest vacation in the nation's history.

It's unbelievable that we are fishing Americans' corpses out of New Orleans' flooded streets.

It's unbelievable that we needed to send 25,000 body bags to collect the dead.

It's unbelievable that the United States is trying to figure out how to deal with possible outbreaks of cholera and typhoid.

It is unbelievable that, just days after a U.S. city was destroyed, 11 Republicans voted against emergency funding for those whose lives were upended.

It really is unbelievable.

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