Wednesday, September 21, 2005


From the mailbag:

In the next thirty seconds you can send a loud and clear message to Congress that we’re ending business as usual.

We asked for your help last week and you came through, giving Christine enough votes to qualify for the final run-off in Democracy for America’s Grassroots All-Star competition. Thank you.

Now we’re asking you to vote again, to give Christine the support she needs to win the DFA endorsement. That endorsement will bring early resources to Christine’s campaign – resources she needs to get her message out, to make it clear that we’re tired of business as usual.

Business as usual these days means hard-working Americans don’t have good health care, children don’t have access to a good education and parents don’t have stable, good-paying jobs. We’re closing that business down. We’re sending one of our own to Congress. Christine understands the concerns of everyday Americans. Because she is one.

But she needs your support to make her voice heard. She needs you to add your voice to hers by voting for her in the DFA contest.

Last week, people made their voice heard and gave Christine the support she needed to make this final round. To win this round, and the endorsement that comes with it, we need those votes and more before Saturday, the 24th at 4:00 CST. Winning brings Christine the early resources that make it possible to get her message out loud and strong. Your vote could be the one that makes the difference.

Republicans like business as usual. They think they will have an easy time installing Tom DeLay’s protégé into Henry Hyde’s old seat. They have cleared the field for their hand-picked Grover Norquist ally. Send the message that it won’t be so easy. Vote for Christine.

Cast your vote at

We know we can count on you.

You know the rule: Early and often.

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