Friday, June 30, 2006

Dreamy "Man's Man" to Attent Gay Games

After this Sun-Times article, what will Peter LaBarbera think of Ozzie "a man's man" Guillen:
Going to the Gay Games "is something Ozzie would do for fun. It's something he would want to see and do, to go out with friends," said Guillen's friend and hairdresser Edwin Quiros, who is gay.

"He just wants to do things like that. He's a cool guy. It's what I expect Ozzie to do."

Gay Games VII spokesman Kevin Boyer said -- gay slur not withstanding -- that Guillen should expect a warm welcome.

"We're glad to hear he'll be attending because it demonstrates how the gay games brings people together -- whether straight or gay -- through competition. There's no hurt feelings. He's apologized . . . he won't do it again," he said.

"It's cool that Ozzie will be at the center of two events that unite the city. The Gay Games on one hand and the World Series on the other."
With or without Ozzie, I am sure that we can count on Petey and his videocamera to document each and every moment of the gay games for "future use."

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