Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"The Most Exclusive Club"

From The Hill:
DiversityInc, a magazine that focuses on race in the workplace, found that only 6 percent of the of 4,100 Senate employees nationwide belong to a racial minority.

The article in the magazine’s June 2006 issue says, “People of color are virtually nonexistent when it comes to the most influential Washington, D.C.-based Senate aides.”

Racial minorities account for 7.6 percent of some 1,000 senior positions, whereas 24 percent of corporate managers are minorities. ***

Illinois Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin and Barack Obama were cited as examples of senators who successfully hire minorities.
Successfully hire minorities?

What does that mean?

Does that mean that other senators are trying to hire minorities but they just aren't as good at that task? Does it mean that Illinois' senators actively recruit minority employees? Or does it simply mean that Sens. Durbin and Obama, unlike the majority of their colleagues, hire minorities?

In any event, congratulations to Richard Durbin and Barack Obama on their success.

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