Tuesday, June 27, 2006

If You Love America, You'll Go.

Everyone knows that real Americans celebrate our national birthday with bottlerockets. But in our politically correct age, how can you properly celebrate our nation's birth and stay out of the clutches of the trial lawyers?1

By seeing The Bottle Rockets at Naperville's Ribfest.

The Bottle Rockets -- the finest rock and roll combo in these United States -- perform on the Brian R. Schultz Rock & Roll Stage at 8:30 p.m. on Monday, July 3rd.

You know what I think, but what do the critics say about The Bottle Rockets?
"No other band personifies the hard-working, low-key mystique of the insurgent country/alt-country scene better than The Bottle Rockets." - The Onion, June 7, 2006

"Frontman Brian Henneman may cry in his beer, wrestle with romance or rail at a highway cop, the Mississippi River or even his motor vehicles, but he has always sung about something bigger: perseverance, tolerance, real values, character." -- Barry Gilbert, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
What's more American than "perseverance, tolerance, real values and character"?


You may say there's a better way to get in the spirit on Independence Eve than The Bottle Rockets and ribs -- but then, you sir, are a liar or a fool.

The Bottle Rockets at Naperville's Ribfest -- you better be there.

1If you found yourself agreeing with this sarcastic sentence, you should probably consider attending the performance by The Charlie Daniels Band on July 4th.

Charlie Daniels: It's country music without the thinkin'.


leo said...

Are you in the band or something?

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

I am not a member of The Bottle Rockets. You will have to trust me when I tell you I am far, far prettier than anyone in the band


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