Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fish Tales

In the Beachwood Reporter, Steve Rhodes sums up the drama of the Cook County presidency in two sentences:
If John Stroger is as lucid as his supporters say he is, his performance during this soap opera proves him unworthy of retaining his position. If he is as sick as the media seems to think he is, those who are secretly colluding to take his job while publicly propping Stroger up are unworthy of the position.
Rhodes singles out Ald. William Beavers for talking "out of his ass." And this Sun-Times report certainly supports Rhodes contention:
Beavers said he knows Stroger is getting better because on Thursday, "he wanted a friend of mine to bring him some fish to eat. A person ordering these kinds of things, that means his mind is competent and he knows what he wants to eat," Beavers said.
It reminds me of that ages-old aphorism:
If you give a man a fish,
then he'll eat for a day.
If the man orders fish,
then he is clearly capable
of directing the administrative
functions of Cook County government.
Or something like that.


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