Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Visit Lombard, Illinois: The Lilac Village!

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: High Gas Prices Are Crimping Vacations.
Only 39.8% of consumers plan to take a vacation within the next six months, a 28-year low, the Conference Board said Tuesday.

That's the fourth consecutive decline measured by the organization, which asks the question every other month. ***

One-third of respondents in the survey of 1,000 adults taken Friday through Sunday said they are changing summer vacation plans because of higher gas prices.

Of those changing plans, 37% said they would reduce the number of trips normally taken, while 26% said they're canceling plans or simply can't afford to vacation. Some 23% will take shorter trips.
In addition to Lombard, it's my understanding there is something happening in Naperville.

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lombard notary said...

I need a vacation! This is so seems more and more difficult to get a vacation these days...


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