Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's Hard Out Here...

From your Chicago Sun-Times:
A pimp who dreamed of one day airing his exploits on cable TV was instead sentenced Wednesday to more than 17 years in federal prison for adding two underage girls to his stable of south suburban trailer-park prostitutes.
If your reading this just for laughs, turn back now.

For the rest of you, just try to keep up with the instances of failed parenting in this story:
"I'm not a menace to society," David "Super Dave" Phillips stammered before he was slapped with the 210-month term. ***

Phillips, 38, admitted the two runaways from Aunt Martha's Group Home for Troubled Youth in Glenwood -- ages 14 and 16 -- joined another half-dozen prostitutes he kept in mobile homes in Lynwood and Sauk Village. Soon afterward, they were sent across the state line to turn tricks in Indiana. ***

Phillips ultimately pleaded guilty to juvenile sex-trafficking charges, and admitted that he had sex with the girls himself. According to court papers, the six older prostitutes all had a version of "David" tattooed on their bodies, and three said they were pregnant by him. ***

Phillips' mother, called to testify as a character witness, insisted her son is a "really good person." She knew about his prostitutes, but not that one was 14.

Under cross-examination, Frankie Phillips said she also was aware her son beat his prostitutes -- and explained to the incredulous prosecutor that she wasn't particularly bothered by it.

"I didn't see anyone who looked hurt, and they still talked about how much they loved him," Frankie Phillips said.
Stories like this make me wonder why Creationists would ever blame the existence of humanity on their God.

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