Friday, June 30, 2006

Okay, So I'm A Very Bad Person...

From Robert Feder:
There won't be a VH1 special on Chicago's wedding of the year after all: Sun-Times nightlife columnist Susanna Homan and free-lance photographer Eric Sawitoski have called off their engagement and canceled their August nuptials.
I bet on under, but it only paid even odds.


Roni said...


Indict Blago said...

Wouldn't this have been marriage #2 for Chicago's leading narcissist?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it would have been #2. She left her first husband.

Anonymous said...

Susanna Homan's face looks like a rat. Talk about unattractive (and super short!) and wow has she gained weight! That girl can't write worth a damn either. Can someone please cancel that worthless "column" of hers already?!

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