Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Obama: Progressives Know What They Stand For

Art Levine of Mojo Blog says Obama gets it:
On the final day of a largely inspiring Take Back America progressive conference, Sen. Barack Obama offered in a powerful, well-received speech a searing critique of Bush administration policies, borrowing from Newt Gingrich's recommended attack phrase, "Had enough?," yet at the same time providing reassurance and hope for progressives.

He told us that we know who we are and we stand for goals that appeal to the best in Americans:
The time for our identity crisis as progressives is over. Don't let anybody tell you that we don't know what we stand for. ***

We understand that we get a three-for: We can save our economy, our environment and stop funding both sides of the war on terror if we actually get serious about doing something about energy. We understand that.

We understand as progressives that we need a tough foreign policy. But we know the other side has a monopoly on the tough and dumb strategy. We're looking for the tough and smart strategy one that battles the forces of terrorism and fundamentalism, but understands that it's not just a matter of military might alone, but we've got to match it with the power of our diplomacy and the strength of alliances and the power of our ideals; and that when we do go to war, we should be honest with the American people about why we're there and how we expect to win.

We understand as progressives that we believe in open and honest government that doesn't peddle the agenda of which ever lobbyist or special interest can write the biggest check.

And if we believe on all these things and if we act on it, then I guarantee you America is looking for us to lead. And if we do it, it's not going to be a Democratic agenda or a liberal agenda or a progressive agenda, it's going to be an American agenda.
If we act on it...

That's where D.C. Democrats so often fall short.

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