Monday, September 04, 2006

About the Fruits of Your Labor

"We ought to make the tax relief permanent. I like it when people are working for a living, have more after-tax money in their pocket." -- George W. Bush

A map showing the change in median income by state since George W. Bush and his tax cuts for the rich came to Washington:

From the Detroit Free Press:
Democrats say the tax reductions have mainly benefited the wealthy and have contributed to a widening of the income gap.

They also contend the economic expansion has failed to help most workers, who have seen meager pay increases even as they face surging costs for essentials like gasoline and healthcare.

The income of U.S. households, adjusted for inflation, rose 1.1 percent to $46,326 in 2005, according to a Census Bureau report released last week. Despite the increase, income was down 0.5 percent compared with 2001, the year Bush took office.
And that is the economic legacy that Mr. Bush wants to make permanent with his tax cuts.

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