Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rumsfeld: No Need for a Post-War Plan in Iraq

From the Daily Press (VA):
Months before the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld forbade military strategists from developing plans for securing a post-war Iraq, the retiring commander of the Army Transportation Corps said Thursday.

In fact, said Brig. Gen. Mark Scheid, Rumsfeld said "he would fire the next person" who talked about the need for a post-war plan.

Rumsfeld did replace Gen. Eric Shinseki, the Army chief of staff in 2003, after Shinseki told Congress that hundreds of thousands of troops would be needed to secure post-war Iraq.

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Anonymous said...

I know an Army Captain who was in the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He said that they won the war as planned BUT there was no plan for what followed. Too few soldiers with no training as policemen and working with the civilians.

He won't say much publicly because of his career. He just made Major but he is extremely leery of the Rumsfeld crowd. As long as Rummy and his gang control Defense, the regular Army officers are so frustrated and angry.

As more of the upper echelon officers retire, the public will find out the truth. But, how many more of our sons and daughters have to die?

Nearly Normal


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