Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"I value traditional marriage so much I've had three!"

Tom Roeser, perhaps inadvertently, reminds us of the absurdity of the notion that Republican party is defending the "sanctity of marriage":
Now consider this: of the likely Republican candidates running, here is the wife total: John McCain (2); Rudy Giuliani (3); Newt Gingrich (3) and George Allen (2). Only [Mitt] Romney has had the same wife.
Boy, the gay-homosexuals must have been working overtime to undermine the sanctity of all of those GOP marriages.


OneMan said...

I think he could cut McCain some slack because some would argue being a POW would put a bit of strain on a dude and a marriage.

Also he like many others then to forget that St. Ron was also divorced.

NW burbs said...

But I think it's ok because Republicans were for family values before they were against them ... or something.


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