Monday, September 25, 2006

"To stress or emphasize."

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NW burbs said...

Sorry to use your blog as a placeholder S-CAM but I'm going to post this over here because Dave Diersen is a spineless wuss and will keep deleting the post at Illinois Review.

Background: Dave Diersen (a DuPage GOP operative) culls news clippings, letters to the editor and video and podcast links for a little Illinois Review ditty he likes to call GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips. Today's Daily Clips included a link to the Scott Fornek he-said/she-said piece on Roskam's cutandrun quip.

I put up a post in response to this article, which Diersen promptly deleted for reasons sadly known only to him. I've since reposted it, but am quite certain in his radical righty rage he'll just delete again.

-- Anyway, here's my post in response to Roskam and McLaughingstock's claim that Roskam never said Major Duckworth wanted to cutandrun (which is apropos to S-CAM's comma post as it is):

Regarding the Sun-Times story "Duckworth camp: 'Cut and run' crude Roskam team: He never said that of her Iraq stance - Scott Fornek"....

Folks, you can listen to the tape of the WBBM debate.

Peter Roskam said "The 6th Congressional District is not a cut-and-run district. It is not a timetable district."

He may not of said she advocated cutandrun but that is clearly what he is implying.
Of course, according to the Illinois state GOP leaving Iraq sooner rather than later is a (quote) "principled" stance. The GOP sent out a mailer saying 8th District candidate Bill Scheurer is "principled" for wanting to leave Iraq ASAP.

Maybe Roskam needs to get in touch with the GOP to get the latest talking points accurately.


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