Friday, September 08, 2006

Roskam Priorities v. 6th District Priorities

There is a saying among liberals: A Budget is a Moral Document.

A budget can open a window through which values are revealed. It can show what is fair, just and important.

It seems a campaign website can be such a moral document as well:

"Health Care... coming soon."

Maybe he'll have a health care plan for 6th District families by election day, maybe he wont.

But don't worry -- I'm sure that if Rubberstamp Roskam gets to Congress, the healthcare needs of the families in the 6th District will be a top priority!

hat tip: Republicans for Duckworth

Update 13SEP06

Mr. Wurf wonders why Pete can't get his act together:
If a professional politician like Peter Roskam with over $2 million raised to date cannot put his issue positions up for an entire primary season and then, with less than 60 days until the general election, cannot put his issue positions up on a website for at least the better part of a week, a task that would not likely take me more than an hour to post (generously), then he cannot "govern" his campaign.

And if Peter Roskam fails to govern his campaign - if he fails to communicate in a basic way with residents in the 6th Congressional District, failing to address the issues that matter - how can they trust him to serve them in congress? It's a basic failure - a lack of governing ability despite enormous resources.

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