Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Principled Mr. Hyde

"Henry Hyde stood by his principles [during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton] and eloquently demanded that the laws be followed."
--House Speaker Dennis Hastert

"I did not know he was married. He portrayed himself as a single person, and I didn't bother to check or anything like that."
-- Cherie Soskin, Hyde's former mistress

"Hyde called it a 'youthful indiscretion,' like it was just a fling or something. What a laugh. My mother said it was a long-term relationship."
-- Cherie Soskin's daughter

"He had an affair with a young woman with three children. At least the president didn't do that."
-- Fred Snodgrass, Soskin's husband at the time of Hyde's affair


goethean said...

So long, Mr. Hyde...we know you a leettle bit more than we'd like to.

NW burbs said...

So as opposed to Gingrich, Guiliani and the others, Hyde was clearly against family values before he was for them.

Always thought he was a trendsetter that way. I wonder if they ever shared cigars. Politics sure does make strange bedfellows, no?


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