Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dreams of a President Like My Father

In her endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama, Caroline Kennedy, author of "A Patriot’s Handbook" (and daughter of some fellow named "John F. Kennedy"), gets to the heart of Sen. Obama's appeal:


While some may discount the inspirational effects of Sen. Obama, we should remember that this nation is broadly religious, deeply spiritual and fundamentally optimistic. And inspired Americans are willing to put their faith into works for ideas and goals that are unseen and even unlikely.
  • Inspiring leadership guided America's birth.
  • Inspiring leadership saved the Union and broke the back of slavery.
  • Inspiring leadership brought the nation out of the darkness of the Depression and smashed the Nazi war-machine.
  • Inspiring leadership envisioned a merciful victory that rebuilt and transformed Europe and Japan, allowing bitter enemies to be reborn as democratic allies.
  • And inspiring leadership put a man on the moon.
A man on the moon, people!

While we were watching Sen Obama's post-South Carolina speech, Kid Alias turned to me and said, "Obama's lofty vision not only makes look forward to voting for him -- it makes me look forward to doing the work to make that vision a reality."

Yes friends, Sen. Obama's rhetoric literally made the Kid ask what he could do for his country.

Although an inspirational president alone cannot return our country to greatness, make no mistake, America cannot return to greatness without an inspirational president.

And Barack Obama could be that president.

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Bridget said...

I agree, that is Barack's biggest plus. He's a movement kind of candidate and we need that now.


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