Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sophie's Choice in the 6th District


Jill Morgenthaler in the Chicago Tribune:
Morgenthaler does not support a pullout of troops and said she believes it is likely the U.S. will have to maintain a presence of 30,000 troops because of its national interests in the region. The surge is working, she said.
Stan Jagla in the Daily Herald:
"Forced learning of English is another form of a hate crime," Jagla said.
Let's give a big round of applause and a shiny participation ribbon to the current leadership of the Democratic Party of DuPage County for their success... uh... efforts at candidate recruitment.



Bill Baar said...

Morgenthaler's candidacy is bigger than the leadership of the DuPage party. Pelosi picked Morgenthaler's ex-boss, Gen Sanchez to deliver a Democratic address on TV. It's a turn at a high level in the party.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...


As someone who saw a DC-driven 6th District campaign up close, let me assure you that the Morgenthaler campaign bears little resemblance to the Duckworth machine.

From skipped party-building events to the melon and sea-foam on white campaign signs -- a swell scrapbook page does not a good campaign sign make -- there are multiple indications that this campaign is not being directed from beyond the state.

And if my memory of Army command structure is still intact, Gen. Sanchez is the "ex-boss" of literally thousands and thousands of soldiers. I doubt that Sanchez's speech was a green-light to all of them to run for Congress.



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