Saturday, January 26, 2008

Trib Endorses Obama, Nails Clinton

From your Chicago Tribune's endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama:
Obama's key opponent, U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, unifies only her foes. Her penchant for gaming every issue — recall her clumsy dodging when asked in a Philadelphia debate whether illegal immigrants should be licensed to drive — feeds suspicion of maneuvering that would humble Machiavelli.

As this campaign has progressed, Hillary Clinton in moments of crisis hasn't been an ennobling sight. Her reliance on her husband, the less-than-presidential Bill, to trash-talk Obama reaffirms that the Clintons do whatever it takes to prevail. Depicting Obama's record on Iraq as a "fairy tale" is instructive: Think what you will of the war, but Sen. Clinton was an enabler when that was popular. In Kerryspeak, she was for the war before she was against the war.
A little over a year ago, while a collegue and I were discussing the Democrats prospects in '08, the question arose, "How can the Democrats lose this one?"

Well, the primary has shown us the answer: Sen. Hillary Clinton.

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