Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well, Gollllly Sgt. Carter -- Army Recruiting More Morons.

Veterans, remember the dumbest guy in your unit? The dumbest guy in that unit is much, much dumber now.

From Fred Kaplan of Slate:
In order to meet recruitment targets, the Army has even had to scour the bottom of the barrel. There used to be a regulation that no more than 2 percent of all recruits could be "Category IV"—defined as applicants who score in the 10th to 30th percentile on the aptitude tests. In 2004, just 0.6 percent of new soldiers scored so low. In 2005, as the Army had a hard time recruiting, the cap was raised to 4 percent. And in 2007, according to the new data, the Army exceeded even that limit — 4.1 percent of new recruits last year were Cat IVs.
Perhaps having one half-wit for every 25 soldiers is acceptable; but ultimately, there is a zero-to-hero ratio that will cripple the military.

And the trend line under this commander-in-chief is alarming.


Rich S said...

"And the trend line under this commander-in-chief is alarming."

But finally we can say, in this respect at least, he leads by example.

Anonymous said...

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