Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ST's Carol Marin on Mark Pera and The Prince

From your Chicago Sun-Times:
Pera has less in common with the Lipinski machine than any other contender when it comes to social, economic or foreign policy matters. Pera is more liberal, Lipinski more conservative, on everything from social issues to support for the Iraq war.

But more important may be Pera's willingness to buck accepted Chicago political practices. It is he who has most aggressively raised the ethical questions that Dan Lipinski has long needed to answer but apparently just can't.

Questions like how in the world can he justify having had his father, now a lobbyist for the transportation industry, on his payroll as a consultant?

How can he comfortably take campaign contributions from the airline and rail companies that also pay his dad's salary?

And how the heck can he allow his dad's so-called charity, the All American Eagle Fund, which does precious little charity except for needy politicians, pay for work done by Dan's congressional chief of staff?
Find out how you can help Mr. Pera clean Chicago's ethical Augean Stables here.


Anonymous said...

This is so true. Check out this video - it tells the story with music, well kinda with music...

Dan from Tennessee

mrk said...

It is embarassing to admit that Lipinski represents my district. The man struggles to put together a sentence. He is one of the worst public speakers I've ever heard.


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