Wednesday, January 19, 2005


If there is one overriding problem with Bush's war in Iraq, it's that there just aren't enough profit opportunities for multi-national corporations.

From dKos:
A reliable source tells me that RAND has been contracted by the government to come up with a way to avoid instituting a draft, despite the desperate needs for more combat forces.

The solution? Outsource desk and logistics jobs to private companies while pushing those "chairborne" warriors out of their offices into fighting units.

Logistic troops make up the vast majority of military personnel (somebody probably has the figure, but it's like 8-1 or 9-1 support to combat forces). The proposal would dramatically increase the number of fighting forces (though many of soldiers in support jobs will have no business being in the front lines), and the Haliburtons of the world would clean up taking over support functions.
So, once again, the ideal solution to [insert problem] is to privatize [insert government program] by granting no-bid contracts to [insert Bush campaign contributors].

Either that or tax cuts for the richest 10%.

But this wouldn't be the first time that the Bush administration has attempted to privatize aspects of the military to pay off its supporters.

Bush appointed Thomas White as his first Army Secretary. White had served for 11 years as a director of Enron, a huge Bush-backer. At the Pentagon, White pushed hard for accelerated privatization of military energy services -- an action that would have greatly benefitted Enron.

If Enron hadn't imploded due to its own financial malfeasance.

Looks like Bush's crooked cronies are just the kind of people that we want the lives of our soldiers to be dependent on.

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