Thursday, January 20, 2005


Is Eric Zorn nuts?

When it comes to Barack Obama, you've gotta go pretty far out on a limb to leave me behind, but in his column featuring "8 reasons why the new junior senator from Illinois will change his mind and run for President in '08," Zorn has done it.

His reason number four, "Another shooting-star, hope-for-tomorrowpolitician is coming up behind him in the Democratic ranks," is especially dubious. Is he saying the Dems have a "shooting-star,hope-for-tomorrow" surplus? There are so many that Obama would have a tough time standing out from the crowd in '12?

Dear God, I lay awake nights praying that the Democrats would have such problems.

UPDATE: And if Zorn's crazy, what's this guy?
UPDATE II: Kos has pulled the crazy comment linked above.

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