Thursday, January 13, 2005


Did someone here order some national press attention?

But remember what they say: "There's no such thing as bad press, just as long as they spell the name right."

Let's check:
Authorities have opened an investigation into allegations by Gov. Rod B-l-a-g-o-j-e-v-i-c-h's father-in-law that a B-l-a-g-o-j-e-v-i-c-h adviser traded government appointments for campaign contributions.
So far so good...
Last week, Mell claimed B-l-a-g-o-j-e-v-i-c-h adviser Christopher Kelly, who was B-l-a-g-o-j-e-v-i-c-h's campaign finance manager, had arranged for people to be appointed to state boards and commissions in exchange for $50,000 contributions to the governor's campaign. *** B-l-a-g-o-j-e-v-i-c-h said he was complying with Madigan's request for information and would welcome any other reviews of the matter, including by the U.S. attorney, whose spokesman declined to comment.
Nope... no bad press here.

The race to the White House can proceed unimpeded.

(spell-check added)

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