Monday, January 10, 2005


bOING bOING plays the Bush buddy edition of "Where are they now?":

Noted crooked scumbag Ken Lay, of Enron fame, is so desperate to get his "version" of the breathtaking scam he and his rich buddies pulled off into the public eye before his trial that he's paying search engines 5-12 cents/click to return a link to his bogus account of his wrongdoings when searchers enter "Ken Lay" into the search-box.

Put the search words "Enron scandal" or "Ken Lay," or even this Enron reporter's name, "Mary Flood," into any of the above search engines and one of the first things you will see is If you hit on Lay's Web site from there, then Lay pays between roughly 5 cents and 12 cents. Link

Update: Clicking this link will bring you to Ken Lay's page while costing him one click's worth of traffic. Click early, click often!

Now that the Bush administration has been busted using your tax dollars to buy political pundits, maybe they will turn to this method to push their disinformation.

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