Thursday, January 27, 2005


From the Tribune's three star review:
"The Punisher" is based on one of Marvel's darker "heroes." Frank Castle (a.k.a. The Punisher) is a murderer who can no longer use vengeance as an excuse. His family was gunned down in a mob hit, but he's long since excised his pound of flesh. He'd now need a dump truck to carry around his retribution. His saving grace is that he only kills criminals -- carjackers, pimps, gangsters and drug dealers.

Castle's targets are in large supply in "The Punisher." Each of the game's 16 missions is buzzing with the criminal element, but like Rockstar's "Grand Theft Auto," Volition introduces an element of consequence to Castle's actions. Most base-level criminals aren't worth saving, and the game almost implores you to gut them without a second thought. But there are certain thugs who not only possess information that may help Castle, but also could, if persuaded, help him.

These special criminals are often noted with a small skull icon over their heads. Get in close and grab the crook to put him in a hold, then interrogate him by applying pressure to his neck or punching him until he sings.

But not all interrogations are created equal in "The Punisher." If you drag one of these roughs to a glowing spot -- usually near a piece of machinery or a ledge -- you can exercise an extreme Q&A session. These scenes often result in pretty intense violence, such as pulling a lowlife apart with a crane or goring him with a rhino.
Finally, a video game that not only improves the eye-hand coordination of children, but also qualifies them for a position in the Bush administration.

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