Thursday, January 20, 2005


From the Chicago Tribune:
Four demonstrators were arrested today and charged with criminal trespassing after they allegedly refused orders to leave Boeing Co. property in downtown Chicago. ***

The Loop arrests occurred about 9 a.m., a half-hour after a demonstration began by about 20 members of a group calling itself the Christian Peacemaker Teams, outside the Boeing world headquarters at 100 N. Riverside Plaza.

Three women and a man were taken into custody by Chicago police after they began praying and refused orders by Boeing security to move off private property — the Boeing plaza facing the Chicago River, authorities said.

"We were protesting Boeing's contributions to Bush's (re-election) campaign and their manufacture of so-called smart-bombs that have killed Iraqi civilians," said the co-director of Christian Peacemaker Teams, Doug Pritchard, who was not among those Arrested.
Wait a minute... Christians protesting Bush... praying for peace...

I thought Christians were a monolithic unit that loved George W. Bush, his war on gays and his war in Iraq.

So confusing...

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