Tuesday, January 11, 2005


And now the bad news, also from the Tribune:
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a challenge against Florida's 28-year-old law that forbids homosexuals from adopting children, allowing to remain in place the nation's only blanket ban specifically aimed at gay adoptions. ***

Monday's ruling ends the legal battle started in 1999, when the American Civil Liberties Union challenged the law in Miami federal court in behalf of four gay men who have cared for children for years. Several of the men have been publicly praised for their foster-care work. ***

The Florida plaintiffs' only hope now is to persuade the Florida Legislature to repeal the law. That's the goal of about 20 organizations that recently formed the Coalition for Fair Adoption.Prospects for the coalition's success appear dim. Saying he was pleased with Monday's order, Gov. Jeb Bush called the ban "appropriate," an opinion echoed by key lawmakers who said a repeal was all but dead. ***

"What is astonishing is the incredible crassness of Florida's politicians," said Matt Coles, the lead attorney for the ACLU. "These are the people who say they care about children, yet they're tossing out good parents. It takes my breath away."
"Sorry kids, 'family values' means no parents for you."

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