Friday, October 22, 2004


The Daily Herald is covering the suspicious sample ballot omission:
DuPage County Democrats want a big effort to make good an election commission gaffe that left one of their candidates off sample ballots.

But they won't get the full compensation they are seeking.

The sample ballots, printed in 43 local newspapers this week, show U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde running unopposed in the 6th Congressional District. In truth, he is being challenged by Democrat Christine Cegelis.

Cegelis was listed as running for state senate in the 41st District, a seat in which Republican Christine Radogno has no competition.

The erroneous sample also tells people they can vote for two county board and forest preserve candidates when only one spot is up for election.

DuPage Democrats believe the gaffes were intentionally done to hurt their candidates. On Thursday, party leaders demanded the commission reprint the entire sample ballot in the 43 newspapers.

They also want a correction published that explains the errors in the first sample.

"I'm just livid," the county's Democratic Party Chair Gayl Ferraro said. "This is the last bastion of the corrupt Illinois Republican Party rearing its ugly head in DuPage. There's no way I believe this was an honest mistake."
The continuing fight for free and fair elections in DuPage county will not be cheap or easy.

Any help -- by contributing your money or your voice -- would be deeply appreciated.

UPDATE: Is the GOP theme for this election cycle "Disappear the Democrats"?

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