Sunday, October 03, 2004

Debating Points

Cameron Marlow has provided the top 25 phrases for Bush and Kerry from the debate. The number following each phrase is a rank described by the length of the phrase and the number of times it appeared.
George W. Bush

free iraq (14), hard work (13), wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time (13), wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place (12), north korea (10), kim jong il (10), my opponent (9), american people (8), same intelligence (8), prime minister allawi (8), best way (7), free afghanistan (7), world a more peaceful place (7), mixed messages (7), iraqi citizens (6), al qaida (6), weapons of mass destruction (6), dynamics on the ground (6), breach on the agreement (6), end of this year (6), grave threat (6), matter of fact (5), cannot lead (5), grand diversion (5), wrong signals (5)

John Kerry

saddam hussein (14), north korea (14), nuclear weapons (10), weapons of mass destruction (9), osama bin (9), united nations (9), war as a last resort (9), american people (8), 90 percent of the casualties (7), nuclear proliferation (7), remedies of the united nations (7), 90 percent of the costs (7), united states of america (7), homeland security (7), mountains of tora bora (6), 10 active duty divisions (6), different set of convictions (6), four years (6), president bush (6), president of south korea (6), strong alliances (6), two years (5), secretary of state (5), tax cut (5), bilateral talks (5)

I don't know who told Georgie to combine the words "wrong war," "wrong place," and "wrong time" twenty-five different times, but I hope that guy plays a big role in preparing Georgie for the next debate.

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