Friday, October 29, 2004


Apparently they Keyes campaign is falling apart. The latest Keyes2004 e-mail newsletter arrived in my in-box today and it was riddled with numerous errors. I will examine each in turn:
We'd like to let you know about a helpful new feature at We've gathered 30-second and 60-second video clips from the debates on various issues, to help you share Alan's message quickly and effectively with others.

These clips are powerful tools.
This, of course should have said, "Steve Rauschenberger and Dave Syverson are powerful tools."
Three very effective radio ads are currently being run. You can hear these appealing ads at the links below
There are two problems with the radio ads section:

First, "appalling" is misspelled.

Second, in a shocking misassessment of the Illinois electorate, one of the radio ads is entitled: "Pastor Hunter." Now, there are few people who are more suspect of the role of religion in public life than I am, but even I know that hunting a pastor is beyond the pale. Even among Hollywood elites like myself.

I understand that Keyes needs to reach out beyond his base, but I think that this ad could very well turn off his religious supporters.
Invite your friends over and watch the debates together. These historic, classic contests show Alan at his best -- as he clearly outshines, outthinks, and outperforms his opponent. The more people see the debates, the more support Alan will have on election day!
The second sentence is a mess. It fails to name Mr. Keyes' opponent so the reader never knows the identity of the mysterious "he" that "outshines, outthinks and outperforms" Mr. Keyes in the debates.

And the most glaring omission of all in this e-mailing is that, unlike the dozens of newsletters that proceeded it, it fails to beg for more money for Mr. Keyes.

I am sure that this last error was merely an oversight and will be remedied shortly.

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