Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Your friends and neighbors

The Washington Post asks Illinoians, just like you, about Alan Keyes:
"I'm a Republican, but it's the worst thing that could happen to Republicans," said Ron Pierce, a locksmith attending a dinner of the McHenry County Friends of NRA.


"He's for the Second Amendment and against abortion. That's all well and good, but he's not from Illinois, so he shouldn't even be here," said Richard Beebe, who owns a heating and air-conditioning business. "He doesn't have a chance."


"They stand for Christian leadership and putting down the disgusting rights of queers. It's going to be a great day when they shoot that down," [Debbie Dammann, of Loves Park] said. Another admirer, lawyer Bernard Reese, said he likes Keyes because his opinions are "grounded in reason."


A Republican strategist closely following the campaign said Keyes is proving that "it takes a moderate to win in this state."

Alan Keyes hasn't done anything to help the party," the strategist said. "He's more or less come to Illinois to further Alan Keyes's agenda. What that is, nobody can really tell. He's certainly not talking about issues that are important to Illinoisans."


"I feel the nation's terribly ill and God's the cure and they won't allow Him in," said Bernard Paul, 73, a retired service manager. Keyes "says the truth according to Scripture, but that's not in today. He really doesn't go for that political correctness.

"I really like that."

He likes Keyes because his opinions are "grounded in reason"?!?

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