Sunday, October 24, 2004


Hope springs eternal at RenewAmerica. Bill Pascoe provided my favorite line:
It was obvious that Obama had little to offer in defense of his record, his positions on the issues, and the reasoning behind them except canned talking points prepared by handlers from the very Chicago machine of which he claims to be independent.
Of course, there is also a plea for money -- which raises the question of how much money the self-professed candidate of Jesus should need -- in which they manage to take a swipe at the same Illinois Republican party that invited Keyes into the race.
There is still time to combat the Democrat machine of Cook County, but Illinois is the third most-expensive media market in the country -- and the costs of campaigning here have greatly contributed to the big money influence peddling that has tainted BOTH political parties in the state.
All capitalization provided by the Eternal Campaign of Alan Keyes.

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