Friday, October 01, 2004

Keyes in Metropolis

The Daily Planet Southern Illinoisan reports on Alan Keyes appearance in Metropolis.
Things became heated, however, when Keyes was asked when it would be the right time to address his daughter's sexuality.

"I said right context, nobody talks about time. For some reason people in the media can never get any thing right," Keyes said. "There is no respect for the truth anymore that is taught generally in the profession."

While Keyes never directly confirmed or denied the speculation about his daughter's sexual orientation, he did slam the media for "scandal-mongering nonsense."


Keyes, who usually basks in the media spotlight, has continued to dodge the question about his own daughter and turned the tables on the reporters.

"It is time that we insisted to the return of the standards of professional journalism where there were some lines you didn't cross, some standards that you observed, some decency you actually honored," Keyes said. "Or we admit that what we have is not a profession any longer but rather a gaggle of propagandists promoting their own personal views at the expense of truth and the integrity of information to serve our society."

Keyes said he would not be able to clearly communicate with people until the "cracked lens" of the media is cleared away.

"I think the whole idea of objective sharing of information has been brainwashed out of the heads of many of our people, even when they pass through journalism school," Keyes said.

"Are you implying that the media in Illinois are biased?" a reporter asked.

"I don't think I implied that," Keyes said, "I think I said that."

And does anyone have a picture of this scene?
Keyes was all smiles as he posed with the town's super-sized statue of Superman.
If so, please, please PLEASE e-mail a copy to me.

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