Sunday, October 31, 2004


All of Alan Keyes "ambassadorial" skills are on full display in the Daily Herald:

Keyes said bin Laden's message is a "clear indication that we can't afford to elect John Kerry or put Barack Obama" in the Senate.

"If we follow Kerry and think that by appeasement and talk and negotiation we can deal with those who intend to kill us then they will go on killing us and we will end up dead."
Mr. Keyes then further demonstrated his tenuous relationship with reality
When asked how he would overcome what polls show is a 40-percentage-point deficit to Obama, Keyes responded by attacking what he called the "media elites."

"A media that is committed to the triumph of the moral degradation of America does not see the people of moral conscience who are moving forward in this race," Keyes said.
With only two days until the election, time is running out for Mr. Keyes to blame the Chicago media elites for the 9-11 attacks.

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