Wednesday, October 20, 2004

"I thought that this would be a fair election, I was wrong"

The Republican Party of DuPage County just isn't ready for competition. From The Cegelis Campaign via Archpundit:
The DuPage County Election Commission has begun distributing a "sample ballot" with Henry Hyde listed as facing no opposition. Cegelis is listed incorrectly as a candidate for the "41st Senate District." The sample ballot was distributed to over 40 local newspapers that reach hundreds of thousands potential voters in the Sixth District.


"This was not an honest mistake. Considering I won the Primary Election, I cannot believe that anyone at the DuPage County Election Commission did not know that I was running against Henry Hyde. This does not give me any confidence in DuPage County's ability to hold a fair election."
Click here to volunteer to help introduce free and fair elections to DuPage County.

Every vote counts, so lets make sure they count every vote.

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