Sunday, October 03, 2004

Jesus wouldn't play Scrabble against Obama

From the Sun-Times' profile of Barack Obama:
Barack Obama is by all accounts quite the Scrabble player, a shrewd strategist who knows just how to play those little letter tiles to capture that triple-word score.

But he's also "a big trash talker" in family tournaments, his wife says. And his younger sister calls him "an indelicate winner."

"He would crow like a rooster and flap his wings and make slam-dunk motions," says Maya Soetoro, 34.

Obama, 43, admits "when it comes to Scrabble I just can't help myself. . . . I've got a competitive nature."

More dirt:
[Obama] leaves his dirty socks lying around. His briefcase and bags get dropped right inside the condominium's door, and his shoes could wind up anywhere.

And Obama does have one habit that drives his wife nuts. Michelle Obama says her husband smokes -- about three Marlboros a day.

"That is the dark underbelly of Barack Obama," she says laughing. "That and the sock thing."


Obama insists his wife is exaggerating his smoking. He says he kicked the habit of being a regular smoker when their first daughter was born, but his wife worries about the occasional cigarette he bums on the campaign trail. "And I love her for being concerned," he says.
The story also foreshadows how Obama will disappoint his supporters:
[I]f Obama does win on Nov. 2, he promises he won't take to the stage that night and crow like a rooster.

"I reserve that only for Scrabble against my sister and wife," he says.


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