Thursday, October 05, 2006

Et Tu, Pete?

Out of the mouths of boobs:
U.S. Rep. Ray LaHood, R-Ill., said the Foley scandal could impact Republicans' chances in several Illinois congressional races.

"We were going to have a tough time as it is, even though things had really turned around the last three weeks," LaHood said. "But let's face it, all of us are facing questions from our constituents... I do think people like Peter Roskam and David McSweeney and Andrea Zinga - this presents a real problem for them."
Sure it's a problem, but Pete wouldn't turn his back on his post-DeLay champion, Coach Hastert?
Roskam declined to answer directly when asked whether he would take campaign help from Hastert at this point.
Okay, so Pete isn't sure that Denny could be an campaign asset -- even in the congressional district directly adjacent to his own. But that's just politics, surely Roskam isn't beginning to imply that Denny hasn't been playing it straight with the public.
"It's a story that is changing literally now every two or three hours, every time you go online there's a new incarnation of a version of the story and I'm going to wait for all the facts to lay themselves out in terms of who knew what, when," said Roskam.

He added, "I think the facts are going to bear out and then once we know the chronology, once we know who knew what when, at that time I'll comment."

Did I say Roskam is slowly backing away from Hastert?

It looks like Pete's about ready to break into a trot.


goethean said...

> wait for all the facts to lay themselves out

love the imagery here.

NW burbs said...

We already know enough facts.

Hastert admitted to having overlooked "red flags" (that's his phrase) that the Republican leadership should have recognized.

Even without all the what'd they know/ when'd they know it... He admitted to failing to see "red flags" in his own party in a political body he controls.

Why on earth would any Republican expect any American in their right mind to trust that they won't miss any more red flags on something that truly might affect us all?!!?

(Not to mention the red flags missed about Iraq, Katrina, oil, Abramoff, healthcare...)

That Petey Roskam would even bother to get that close to defending Hastert is pathetic.


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