Saturday, October 28, 2006

This Does Not Inspire Confidence -- Updated (2X)

Your Chicago Tribune reports that the DuPage election site was hacked... twice.
On Friday, the county's computer experts were trying to learn how the hacker got into the site; [DuPage County Election Commission Director Robert Saar] said registered voters and those who participate in the Nov. 7 election don't need to worry.

The intrusion didn't affect voter registration files, which are protected by additional firewalls, or the commission's vote-counting system, which is not connected to the Internet or to any other computer, he said.
And I'm certain that Mr. Sarr would also have claimed that the commission's web site was secure before it was hacked on Thursday... and again on Friday.

Update Oct 29: I'm not the only one with doubts about voting in DuPage County.

From your Daily Herald:
That each and every American eligible to vote can make choices on whom they believe would best represent them in government is what makes living in a democracy so right.

But in planning an election, those running the election must anticipate everything that can go wrong. And troubleshoot accordingly.

And election administrators cannot put themselves in a position of being accused of conflicts of interest in awarding contracts. Not when they are overseers of one of the most sacred outcomes of our nation taking up arms for liberty.

Yet the DuPage Election Commission has come up short in both of these areas.

Yeah, I'm paranoid -- but am I paranoid enough?

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OneMan said...

BTW for what it is worth at least the Aurora election commission keeps the count machines off of the netword entirely. They have to sneaker-net the results on floppy over to a different machine to post on the net.

Ted said...

Even if the registration files are protected, there still is the possibility that this hack could have been worse than they make it out to be:

NW Burbs said...

Use paper as much as you can. If DuPage offers an optical scan option, use it.

Cook does. I won't touch the touchscreens with a ten-foot poll.

The machines are already "accidentally" recording Dem votes as R's in Florida (again)...

Lou Dobbs has a great special on CNN called "Democracy at Risk" about the perils of e-voting and how the Republican-controlled Congress dropped the ball and neglected any sort of security regarding electronic ballots.


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